Beautiful Holiday Gifts: The Lipgloss Edition

Can’t decide on a single lipgloss to gift your bestie? Well, now you don’t have to … because tons of fabulous gift sets have popped up just in time for the holidays! You’ll not only want to give these to others … you’ll so want to gift yourself a few too.

Nars Lipgloss Set.jpgNARS Lip Gloss Collection
Five of the brand’s bestsellers, including Striptease, Bloodwork, Harlow, Triple X and — of course — Orgasm, are guaranteed to make your pout pucker with the best of ’em … while keeping each and every one of your color whims happy.
$45 at

Stila Lip Glaze Set.jpgStila Let It Shine! Lip Glaze Stick Set
We totally heart Stila Lip Glaze Sticks — because they’ve got the same great colors and lasting power of the normal Lip Glaze, but it’s in a conditioning and moisturizing formula that just slicks on ever so neatly. So how could we not go for this set of five gorgeous shades?
$25 at

Tarte Purse Lipgloss Set.jpgTarte Purse Your Lips Limited-Edition Super Fruit Lipgloss Clutch
Nine lipglosses — yes, nine! — are packed into a super-glam gold-flecked purple clutch that you could so take to your next holiday party. The only problem is deciding which shade you want to wear every day!
$39 at

Fusion Beauty Lipgloss Set.jpgFusion Beauty Be Kissed Lip Plumper Gift Set
Not only does this set contain a clear gloss that just plumps up your lips and makes them look really gorgeous and natural … it’s got five sheer peaches and reds that will totally make you feel just like Angelina Jolie.
$49 at

Dianne Brill Panties in a Bunch Set.jpgDianne Brill Lip Lingerie Panties in a Bunch
Have your bon-bons and eat them too — or wear them in this case, as each individually wrapped bon-bon contains a truly gorgeous, shimmery gloss that will really make your pout pucker.
$47 at

Benefit Peace Love Glossiness Set.jpgBenefit Peace, Love & Glossiness Lip Gloss Set
Three double-ended glosses in six unbelievably fabulous shades totally have us panting. We’re happy to bring some peace and love to the world as long as we have this set waiting for us under the tree.
$26 at

ck Lipgloss Set.jpgck Calvin Klein Delicious Pout Flavored Lip Gloss Mini Collection
Cupid. Sparkle. Dew Drop. Atomic. Silverado. Such fab names, n’est ce pas? We just can’t get enough of the five glosses in this set, which all sparkle and shimmer to no end — and taste delish, to boot!
$25 at

Chanel Glossimer Trio.jpgChanel Mini Glossimer Trio
Glossimer might just be one of our favorite products in the entire world. It slicks on effortlessly, leaving only shine, glimmer and glitter in its wake. And the fact that three of them now come in an adorable little pouch? Too good to be true!
$50 at

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