Beauty must-have: Trina Cosmetic Bags

Trina Cosmetic Case.jpgAs you probably know by now, we love our beauty products. But when a trip arises, if you’re anything like us, you end up with about three to four plastic ziplock bags full of everything from eye cream to exfoliant. Now, ziplock bags may be completely functional – especially during the unfortunate event of a product explosion – but they aren’t at all chic or fabulous. 

Enter Trina Cosmetic Bags. We were sent the Kelly Stripe Lilac Deluxe Weekender to test (pictured), and we couldn’t be more pleased. The four-piece set is ideal for long weekend trips, and (if you pack light and sensibly), any vacation, really. 
We loved the plastic (read: wipeable and water-friendly) exterior, and the super soft, luxe interior. A heavy-duty zipper encases three durable plastic bags. One clear bag with no lining held all of our makeup, another small bag held our face wash, moisturizer, glasses, eye cream and razor, while a third, larger bag housed our hefty saline solution, toothbrush and paste, tweezers, deodorant and toner. 
Though there wasn’t any space left for bathing and hair-washing essentials (those are better suited for explosion-proof ziplocks), we were super pleased with being able to carry around all our must-have toiletries in one ultra-cute and classic case
$48-$58, (select styles and sizes available in-store only)

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