Bling it up: Sally Hansen Diamond 12 Hour Lip Treatment

Sally-Hansen-Diamond-12-Hour-Lip-Treatment.jpgReady to give your lips a little bling? There’s nothing better than Sally Hansen Diamond 12 Hour Lip Treatment. This lipgloss is so uber-sparkly, we’re betting the glitz can be seen from space.

This lipgloss is super moisturizing and hydrating, promising to condition lips for up to 12 hours. And that’s fairly unheard of in a gloss! Time-release Lipid Moisture Complex and Retinal, combined with microfine diamonds, bring a radiant and glittery finish to any lip look.

We love layering these glosses on top of other glosses or lipsticks — especially Solitaire, a gorgeous peachy pink that looks amazing with every single skin tone.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to bring on the bling.

Sally Hansen Diamond 12 Hour Lip Treatment retails for $5.99 at

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