Maybelline's iconic mascara gets colorful

Great-Lash-LE-Colors.jpgAs a makeup artist and all around fashion-obsessed girl, I adore anything new and trendy. Bright colored eye shadows, purple lipstick and bright blue eyeliner — it’s all good. However, there always seemed to me that there was something missing: colored mascara. Unless it was Halloween time no one really wore colored mascara because, to be honest, it seems a bit tacky — but that’s all about to change. 

With house and EDM music becoming a bigger obsession of Americans and music festivals where people dress up like superheroes, animals and wear bright color tutus in the middle of the day, it’s about time that a company decided to take the challenge and add color to a seemingly black world, and who better to do than the iconic Maybelline? Their classic Great Lash Waterproof Mascara has gone technicolor — for a limited time only. The product comes in an array of colors and multiple shades of pink, green, blue and purple. Not only will pairing the right color with your eyes make them pop, but it is also a great way to be a little daring. 

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