Mio Double Buff: the dual action exfoliator meant to be used on DRY (not wet) skin

Mio Double Buff

Mio Double Buff

I’m always looking for a great moisturizing and exfoliating body scrub, so Mio’s Double Buff intrigued me from the start. It’s billed as a dual enzyme exfoliator that brightens, tones and cleanses skin to get it to its healthiest condition. The only trick that I had problems with was that it’s supposed to be used on DRY skin — a fact I kept forgetting before I hopped in the shower. In fact I haven’t quite gotten to the point of using it two times a week because of this clause, but otherwise this scrub is awesome. With this winter continuing to ravage on, I’m just happy to have something to give my skin a reprieve. I adore how my skin feels, and looks, after use and I’m convinced my skin adores Double Buff in return.

You can buy Mio Double Buff for $33 at mioskincare.com.

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