Burt's Bees Natural Solid Perfumes


We love Burt’s Bees products. Natural beauty products that actually deliver, and at a low, drugstore price point? That’s what we like to see! So, much to our delight, Burt’s Bees recently released natural solid perfumes. [Insert a Yippee!! here]. If you’ve never used a solid perfume, let us educate you on a few points. If you have sensitive skin or sensitive senses, solid fragrances are great, because they are more subtle, and don’t have any alcohol in them like misting scents (which means they aren’t drying). They last longer, plus on cold winter mornings, you can warm the perfume between your finger tips before applying to your pulse points, reducing that little shiver we (and maybe you) get when spritzing our typical fragrance.
It comes in four varieties: Naturally Happy, Naturally Beautiful, Naturally Fresh and Naturally Sensual. Fresh is the…well, freshest and cleanest scent, Beautiful and Happy are sweeter, while Sensual is a little warmer. The product details says you can blend them to create your own scent, but we didn’t try that – not that we are opposed to it, though. So far, Naturally Happy and Fresh are our favorites, and we’re thrilled we can pack our silky, shea-butter infused solids for our holiday traveling without fearing spillage or shattered glass. $10, burtsbees.com

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