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As you know, we love beauty products. There are those that we have loved for many years, but every year, batches of newbie products are thrust into the market, and we, being the beauty junkies that we are, must give in to our product desires. Some leave us not so thrilled, while others have us excited to discover what impact they will bring to the masses. Check out the folowing products that are keeping us optimistic for the year ahead.


ageless fantasy.jpg
AgelessFantasy by Harvey Prince is one of the first anti-aging perfumes. That in and of itself caught our attention. The scent, it turns out, is formulated to mask the smell of aging and it contains antioxidants to fight off free radicals. The formula (a blend of pink grapefruit, mango, anti-oxidant rich pomegranate, jasmine and musk) is based on natural bio chemistry and created with one goal in mind: to make you smell younger! The brand’s research found that when men smelled a woman wearing this fragrance, they thought she was eight years younger on average. 3.4 ounces, $98,
vs pink body.jpg
Victoria’s Secret Pink Body puts VS into a new market with organic, vegan products all housed in post-consumer recycled packaging. Four lines include Energizing (like a wake up call for your skin, packed with organic citrus and mint), Nourishing (leaves skin feeling super soft and moisturized with organic Shea butter minus the greasy feel), Soothing (Hypoallergenic goodies infused with organic soy milk and oat extract, so it’s great for extra sensitive skin) as well as a line of Essentials. from $10,
l'oreal everpure.jpgL’Oreal EverPure line of shampoos and conditioners are sulfate-free, contain UV filters to protect haircolor, and even work beautifully if you don’t color your hair. The new, more natural formulation is the first for the brand and the only one of its kind in drugstores now. The refreshing, aromatic scents leave our bathrooms smelling like a spa, our healthy-looking, shiny hair gives us something to be thankful for and the price tag is the sweetest of all. $6.99,


max factor vivid impact lipcolor.jpg


Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color was created to deliver fresh, rich pigment to not only saturate lips with amazing, look-at-me color, but to treat lips to fabulous moisture. This Shea butter-infused lipstick makes us forget we’re wearing actual lipstick in the first place. $8.97,

living proof no frizz.jpg
No Frizz by Living Proof contains a mocule called PolyflouroEster that forms a lightweight barrier on the hair to ward off moisture and eliminate fly-away causing friction. The breakthrough formula has already won awards and is sweeping up a plethora of loyal users with all hair textures- including us- because it works better than anything we’ve used in years. from $14,
clinique turnaround radiance peel.jpg
Clinique ‘Turnaround’ Radiance Peel Once a Week System provides the much-desired clear and bright complexion of a low-level (30%) glycolic peel but without all of the irritation and stress to skin. The result? Skin that is smoother, more even-toned and luminous. $55,


lancome oscillation mascara.jpgLancome Oscillation Vibrating Mascara gives lashes the ultimate look as it oscillates 7000 times per minute (but don’t worry, it won’t hurt). Since the latest craze is lush, full lashes, we think this does a fabuous job of delivering the results; our lashes are longer, fuller, clump-free and all of the wiggle work is done for us– who couldn’t love that? $34,

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