Celeb hair trend: off center ponytails

How to get the look:

1.  Shampoo/Condition hair, towel blot to remove excess water.

2.  Apply desired straightening balm, styling products and/or heat protectant.

3. Create an off-center part using a long tail comb.  If you prefer a more natural look, pull hair back away from face in lieu of a part.

4. Use a natural bristle brush round or flat brush and dry hair until 100% dry.  Use brush to create in volume in the crown and the sides if desired. If you prefer to wear the side ponytail straight, use a paddle brush to straighten tresses as you dry.

5.  Using a brush or fingers, pull the side and crown hair back towards the nape of the neck.  Smooth ponytail and then position the base so that it rests just slightly behind one ear.

6. Spritz the entire head lightly with a setting or styling spray.

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