Celebs caught mouthing off at the VMAs

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards might have brought some of the worst fashion I’ve ever seen assemble on a red carpet — but all that bad style brought some amazing mouth moments (like Katy Perry’s gold fronts and Joan Smalls’ wine colored lips). Brooklyn may never be the same!

The Bold and the Beautiful
A small handful of celebs opted for deep, dark and bold lips that turned heads and turned up the heat on their outfits — pictured left to right: Joan Smalls, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.
The Brazen and Unabashed
Beauty is art, and these two took it to a whole new level. I wasn’t sure what to make of Katy Perry’s (pictured right) gold grills and, while I found Miley Cyrus’ (pictured left) bold red lips to be pretty and fun, it was the rest of her ensemble and behavior that ruined the effect for me. 
What did you think of the beauty trends spotted on the Brooklyn red carpet at this year’s VMAs? 

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