China Glaze Tranzitions are way too much fun for nails

I am always slightly envious of my friends who shell out money to get cool nail art done on their manicures. I do my own manicures and I’m not THAT good. So I am a happy nail enthusiast when a company makes nail design (even in the most simplistic styles) easier for me — China Glaze did just that with their Tranzitions polishes. These cool polishes appear to be a regular polish in one pretty shade, but when you swipe a top coat over them they change to a totally different color. Imagine the possibilities. Like, two days into your manicure you can completely change the color without repainting them entirely. Or, you can do fun things like “tranzition” just the tips, add stripes, or paint polka dots. I think they’re pretty much brilliant!
You can buy China Glaze Tranzitions for $4.99 at

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