Cocktails, lunch and Aveeno Ageless Vitality (sponsored)

There are some days when we just love our jobs, and yesterday was certainly one of them. On one of the most gorgeous and warm April days in memory, we were treated to a delicious rooftop lunch at the Gramercy Park Hotel by the folks at Aveeno. We spent a few hours soaking up the fresh air, chatting with friends, sipping cocktails and testing out beauty products. If only every work day were this glamourous…


While enjoying the gorgeous setting, we had the opportunity to test out a brand new anti-aging line of products called Aveeno® Ageless Vitality™. This Elasticity Recharging System is a 2-step treatment that is patented for the treatment of the signs of aging. The result of years of research, we were told the system works by recharging skin’s elasticity and restoring its youthful look. OK, you had us at the “youthful” part.

We had the opportunity to meet some of the scientists behind the product who explained all the technical stuff about why and how it works on reducing lines and wrinkles, diminishing age spots and improving firmness, and we were officially impressed. But what really impressed us immediately was the fabulous packaging and thoughtfulness that went into creating a system that seems more akin to luxury brands than this affordable drugstore brand.

Each of the 3 systems (Day with SPF30, Night and Eye) includes 4 individually packaged 1-week tubes of the special biomineral concentrate. Referred to as “the gray stuff” by the Aveeno scientist, this is the truly special part of the system that attacks all of your trouble areas. The individual tubes keep the concentrate as fresh and pure as possible, a detail that we loved. Also enclosed in each of the systems is a special cream which activates the biomineral concentrate, so the two products work together for maximum effectiveness. We were especially wowed by the night cream which came packaged in a special pump that was so luxe, we can’t wait to add it to our nightly routine.

We tested out the various creams and of course the magical “gray stuff” on our hands and everything felt luxuriously silky and had a light, pleasant scent. We were each given the full regimen to take home with us and are excited to give it a proper at-home testing. Here’s looking forward to our new youthful-looking selves.

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