Minnie Driver shares how coconut oil is great for taming curly hair

Minnie Driver with curly hair

Photo Courtesy: @driverminnie Instagram

I was blessed, or cursed depending on how you look at it, with straight hair but I know how difficult curly hair is to keep in check so when I saw this tip I had to share. Minnie Driver, who has beautiful ringlets I would kill for, uses coconut oil to keep her hair looking healthy and bouncy. “Every two weeks, I cover my head in coconut oil and I leave it on the whole day. I just put my hair up and wear a cap or I pin it all in,” she told InStyle magazine. “When I wash it out that evening, it’s leaves my hair so soft – there’s just nothing I’ve found that’s better. My hair drinks it all up.”

That’s right, coconut oil, the latest hot item for cooking (better than butter), soap (great texture and smell) and everything in between is even great for your hair. Never before have I met a product so versatile and yummy.

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