Copy Maria Menounos' half and half hairstyle


Maria Menounos’ hair on the red carpet for Star Trek: Into Darkness definitely sparked vivid memories of 80s style for me. But where a bright scrunchy and teased bangs were missing, a classic and stylish twist on a staple hairstyle was taking shape. 

To get the look, you’ll need a small elastic band and a lightweight styling spritz, like Philip B. Self-Adjusting Hair Spray. Begin by separating the crown of your hair from the rest and pull it into a high ponytail. Secure the ponytail with the elastic, but try not to over adjust or tighten it too much, as doing so will create unseemly bumps in the hair style. Take some of the strands from the ponytail (a very small section will do the trick) and wrap them around the ponytail. You will wrap the ends into the ponytail holder to ensure they stay. Lastly, to ensure the front strands stay in place, spritz some of the finishing spray on your hair. You don’t want helmet head, so just a couple spritzes will do the trick — take it from me, the Philip B. Self-Adjusting Hair Spray acts as the perfect thin mist hair spray! 

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