Get cheeky: Three new ways to apply blush


When it comes to your makeup routine, one of the most intimidating steps can be applying blush. Too little and you look washed out; too much and you look like Ronald McDonald after he’s run a marathon. Thankfully, blush has ventured from beyond powder to new, easier to use formulas. For those who have struggled with blush anxiety, allow me to introduce you to three products that will change the way you feel about your cheeks. 

Cream Blush: Cream based blushes tend to leave a sheen on the cheek on top of the color, so they are perfect for creating that dewy skin look. The creamy consistency makes applying with your fingertips one of the easiest ways to put on your blush. My pick: Jouer Cosmetics Cheek Tint, $20

Gel Blush: Gel blushes are lightweight formulas that go on the skin smoothly and can be applied with your finger tips. This type of blush is best used over silicone based products, like your favorite BB cream. My pick: Per-fekt Beauty Cheek Perfecting Gel, $28  

Cheek Stains: Cheek stains are liquid based and applied with a small brush or rollerball directly to your cheek and rubbed in with your fingertips. Stains are more highly pigmented, so you’ll want to take things nice and slow when applying and layer on for more color. My pick: Benefit Cosmetics Benetint, $30  

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