Cult Beauty Products Round Two

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you a story on Cult Beauty Products. (In case you missed it — or just need a refresher! — click here to check it out.) We barely skimmed the surface, though — there are even more cult beauty products out there! Check out round two of our series on the products that makeup artists and beauty junkies alike can’t live without. We dig deep to
tell you which cult faves should be in your vanity — and which are
better left on the store shelf.

Tweezerman Tweezers.jpgTweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezers
Thin or thick, bushy or groomed, most beauty chicks in the know swear by Tweezerman tweezers. Over the years they’ve become a staple in every self-respecting gal’s makeup bag. This pair — the most typical one found in vanities and makeup pouches — is designed with both a point and a slant to really grab hairs easily, making the yanking as quick and painless as possible. The pointed side is meant for smaller, finer hairs, while the slanted side takes care of all your general tweezing needs. While we actually prefer tweezers that are a bit more on the pointy side than the slanted one, we can definitely see why these have been around for so long. They definitely live up to the hype — maybe that’s why they’re now being designed in everything from animal prints to crazy colors like tangerine and hot pink!
$20 at

Benefit Benetint.jpgBenefit Benetint
It’s literally won tons of awards from all the top magazines and websites. Year after year, this is the blush that brings gals the most realistic-looking “I just finished skiing in the alps and got the most gorgeous rosy glow” flush. And we can safely say that it is totally and completely worth the hype. We love the packaging, which contains deep reddish-pink fluid surrounded by a satisfyingly large tub. But best of all is definitely the attached brush, which really helps you to apply the color to the apples of your cheeks so effortlessly. At $28, it might seem a bit steep. But that pinkish tinge that mocks a real-life rosy flush? That’s priceless.
Available at

Laura Mercier Moisturizer.jpgLaura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
UVA and UVB protection. SPF 20. Long-wearing, natural color. Can all of this really be contained in one product? It can, if you’re talking about Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer! Seven shades — from Porcelain and Nude to Tan and Walnut — ensure that it’s perfect for a variety of skin tones. And as if that’s not enough, it literally lasts all day long and is even formulated with antioxidants and vitamins to protect your skin from harmful radicals. Everyone we know wears this and swears by it — so what other proof could you possibly need?
$42 at

Bliss Foaming Face Wash.jpgBliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash
It exfoliates, it rebalances, and — oh yeah — it cleanses! This is hands-down our absolute favorite cleanser ever. Created with rose hip extract, milk thistle, passion flower and chamomile, the turquoise gel is seriously soothing and deliciously fruity. Ever since we started using it, our face has totally cleared up. No zits, no dryness, no scaliness … just clear, smooth, baby-soft skin. We love using it in the shower in the morning — it wakes us up and makes our skin feel flawlessly fantastic.
$22 at

Philosophy Shower Gel.jpgPhilosophy 3-in-1
“Because this unique collection is based on scents that are known for giving us a greater sense of well-being, you can be assured they’ll be enjoyed by the entire family.” Such is Philosophy’s, well, philosophy on their fabulously fantastic 3-in-1s. And with almost 40 scents to choose from, how could you ever not find one — or thirty — to keep you entertained and happy in the shower? They lather up so wonderfully and are even lusted after by our brothers and boyfriends! The brand’s signature scents like Amazing Grace and Falling in Love are always available, but we totally love the new scents that are created every season. Current loves include Surfer Girl (the delectably zesty scent of passion fruit), Gratitude (pomegranate), Melon Daiquiri and the always delicious Vanilla Birthday Cake.
$16-$30 at

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