Dermalogica PreCleanse


The first time we saw Dermalogica’s PreCleanse, we thought “Huh? Isn’t regular cleanser enough?” Well, we were wrong, evidently. Sometimes, even with a good cleanser, makeup, oil and environmental debris stay engrained in your pores, and an oil-based product like PreCleanse removes all the excess gunk and, believe it or not, oil. Oil removing oil? Yes, you read correctly. 
We squirted about a quarter size amount of the product on our hands and massaged it onto our dry, heavily made-up face, complete with waterproof mascara. We worked it in for about a minute, focusing on our eyes and cheeks, and than added a little warm water to the mix to create a milky consistency that washes right off – and takes all the bad stuff with it. 
Following with our normal cleanser, even with our oily skin and caked-on makeup from a night out, our cotton round with toner came out clean, and our skin was soft, with no trace of excess oil. 

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