Dos and don’ts for caring for summer hair

Between sun, sea and damage from pool chlorine, summer can be especially stressful for hair. Treat your hair gently to prevent dry, brittle hair with these tips from the expert stylists at Shic by Soketah Hair, Nail, and Beauty Bar in NYC:

Don’t: Blow dry hair directly after washing it. Avoid adding any more heat or strain on hair follicles than you have to — this means skipping the flat iron. DO try sectioning and air drying hair first to minimize heat.

Do: Use accessories like hats and scarves to protect hair from the unforgiving sun.

Don’t: Use tight hair ties or clips that snag and break hair. Do use simple tricks like substituting bobby pins to make your buns instead. Secure loose curls or French braids with bobby pins and grip safe clips.

Do: Replenish lost moisture with these products:

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