Elizabeth Grant The Socializer Bright Lights/Late Nights Duo

Socialize_2product-01.jpgWork, drinks, repeat. Normally, our regular eye treatment does its job, but once in a while when we have to have just one more margarita

Enter Elizabeth Grant’s The Socializer. This two in one product was created to depuff and
refresh the eye area, both AM and PM, no matter how late the evening lasted.

Bright Lights (AM) illuminates your under eye area with light-reflecting particles to brighten dark circles. Peptides reduce fine lines and plump skin for a smoother, more youthful appearance. Late Nights (PM) contains algae to de-puff, chamomile to soothe, and Vitamin B to
repair the skin. Both formulas also have Torricelumn, a powerful anti-aging compound, exclusive to Grant’s products. 

The easy-to-apply
click pens fit perfectly into your makeup bag or clutch…just in case you don’t make it home (we won’t tell). 

$40, ElizabethGrant.com

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