Emma Watson is always pixie perfect

emma-watson-09072011.jpgIt’s hard not to be jealous of Emma Watson, she has quite a lot going for herself these days. But it’s not the killer career and amazing sense of style (as well as friends in the right places to fuel the style) that gets me the most green, it’s her amazing cuteness! She has this killer pixie cut that looks absolutely stunning on her, yet if I tried it, it would make me look a 12-year-old boy’s head had been plucked up and plopped on my body. 

Watching it grow out, I’m really digging how she wears it in a sleek style that usually tucks behind her ear, like she did in this pic at the 2011 GQ Men of the Year Award. What’s refreshing about Emma is that she clearly knows what looks good on her and has a fierce style determination that has been enjoyable to watch unfold.

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