Essie Fall 2013 four piece cube collection


Nail polish trends have gone a little wild since this past spring with textured nails and jewels, it’s no wonder the craziness is continuing. This fall, textured nails are still a thing, but they’ve become more subtle. Metallic nails are become increasingly popular, especially in the gunmetal grey colors, and purple and green are also trending. Whether it’s a lavender and hunter green or a vibrant purple and blue green shade, these two colors are being seen from all the major nail companies. 

My favorite collection for fall I’ve seen, though, is the Essie-Fall 2013 4 Piece Cube Collection ($17). It combines all of the above trends with their own edge and style but made to match perfectly. Even seeing these polishes separately you know they belong in the same collection. My advice when buying new polishes for this season, start with this one!

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