Eye of the storm: Visine Soothing Wipes

If you’re a contact lens wearer, listen up. Visine Soothing Wipes are your new best friend.

Visine-Soothing-Wipes.jpgReally, this unassuming tub is chock full of cleansing wipes that are perfect for the most sensitive of eyes–and, of course, for contact lens wearers. They even remove all traces of eye makeup while you’re still wearing your contacts!

One round wipe is enough to cleanse both your eyes, no matter how much mascara and dark makeup you’re wearing. These wipes even remove dust and pollen from the eye area! And did we mention they’re completely non-irritating? There’s absolutely no redness that ensues from using them.

Give your contact lens wearing eyes a treat and cozy up to these cleansing wipes!

Visine Soothing Wipes are $5.99 for a tub of 30 at drugstore.com.

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