Fabulously floral: Red Flower Japanese Peony Cleansing Body Wash

Red-Flower-Japanese-Peony-Cleansing-Body-Wash.jpgWhile many floral-scented body washes and perfumes are way too strong, once in awhile we come across one that’s simply perfect. Such is the case with Red Flower Japanese Peony Cleansing Body Wash.

For starters, the bottle the body wash comes in is beautiful. It features a sweeping floral pattern that just evokes the feeling of being in a Japanese garden.

But it’s the body wash itself that we’ve fallen head over heels for. A blend of peony blossoms, honey, Bulgarian rose, lily of the valley and lemon blossom create a heady, completely unique scent that just permeates our shower and our body without feeling cloying or over the top.

And our skin after using this body wash? So soft and smooth, it’s not to be believed. Wild-crafted botanicals, silk extract, green tea and honey work to moisturize and condition the skin while making it highly absorbent and supple. And yes, this lasts for hours on end!

Every Red Flower product is animal friendly, certified organic and environmentally kind. The bottles are bio-degradable, and the products are free of dyes, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives. Kind of makes you wonder why you haven’t been using Red Flower all along, doesn’t it?

Red Flower Japanese Peony Cleansing Body Wash retails for $20 at redflower.com.

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