Fall Beauty Looks For Anna, The Low-Key Natural Woman


Are you the fun party girl, the spontaneous optimist, the zen yoga-lover or the harried full time Mom? Find out which of the fun, fearless females from awomensworld.com that you are most like with their online personality quiz. Once you find out whether you’re an Anna, Cheryl, Maya or Nikki, we’ll show you how to create the best fall beauty look for your personality and lifestyle.

ANNA is a journalist who loves yoga, and her dream is to own her own yoga studio. She’s dating someone special and always seems to have it together. Her low-key personality cries out for an easy, natural-looking routine that can keep up with her active life.

Anna’s look for fall is low maintenance and clean, with an emphasis on flushed cheeks and sleek shiny hair. A surprising pop of color on nails evokes her playful personality.

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