Fall Beauty Looks For Cheryl, The Time-Pressed Full-Time Mom


Are you the fun party girl, the spontaneous optimist, the zen yoga-lover or the harried full time Mom? Find out which of the fun, fearless females from awomensworld.com that you are most like with their online personality quiz. Once you find out whether you’re an Anna, Cheryl, Maya or Nikki, we’ll show you how to create the best fall beauty look for your personality and lifestyle.

CHERYL is a full-time mom married to a workaholic. Putting everyone else’s happiness first, her days consist of chasing after the kids and dragging herself to the gym on occasion.

Getting ready quick is essential for this busy mom. Her fall beauty routine consists of concealer in all the right places (a must!), a highlighting stick to brighten up her complexion, a nourishing tinted gloss and a swipe of mascara. For date night with her husband, a bold plum eye is in order.

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