Fall eye trend: green goddess


Over the past few months, olive and mossy tones have been everywhere – from military-inspired camp shirts, jackets and skinny cargo pants, to starlets’ eyes. Sporting a green hue isn’t always the easiest thing, especially if you have yellow or olive undertones in your skin. But picking the right color for your lids and pairing it with a hefty serving of jet black mascara will leave you looking like a goddess. 
If you’re still sporting a bit of your summer glow, be sure to pick out a green shadow (or liner) that has gold flecks in it (such as #1 and #2 below) to play off your luscious tan. This olive-gold shade works great for blondes or green-eyed ladies, like Kate Hudson. If you have pink undertones and brown eyes, stick to a slightly more emerald, cool-toned green, such as #3 and #4 shown.
To get the look, bush your mossy or forest green shade heavily on your upper lash line and blend upwards into the crease. Apply a light amount of the color below your lower lash line, and finish the inner corners of your eyes with a helping of gold shadow. To keep the look seamless, use your eyeshadow wet as a liner to add depth to your autumn look. 
2. NP SET Eye Palette in Dublin, $20, target.com
4. DuWop Green Eyes, $32, sephora.com

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