Fall in love: Love Life Skin Aromatherapy Candle

Love-Life-Skin-Aromatherapy-Candle.jpgWe’re always looking for ways to relax and destress. And, now that we’ve found the Love Life Skin Aromatherapy Candle, it’s certainly gotten easier.

This candle is formulated with a mix of sweet lavender oil, spicy ginger and rose oil, each of which contains different properties to soothe the soul. The lavender calms the senses, the ginger provides anti-nausea benefits and the rose oil uplifts the spirits. What could be better, right?

Add to that the fact that this candle is made from natural soy based wax that burns down evenly and slowly, and we’d say this candle is pretty darn near perfect. Especially since we feel our soul getting calmer each and every time we light it.

The Love Life Skin Aromatherapy Candle retails for $60 at lovelifeskincare.com.

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