Fall makeup trend: blue eyeliner


With the turn of seasons comes the turn of colors. We’ve started saying goodbye to bright colors and hello to more matte neutrals and dark shades, but that doesn’t have to be the case with everything. I agree that fashion and nail and lip colors should go darker or stay neutral, but there is one makeup product that is just fine staying on the bright side of things and that’s your eyeliner. 

This season is all about colored eyeliners, a trend that has been building steam since this spring, and I think it is finally going to catch on. There are two brands who’ve released new blue shades and I am all about them! Blue isn’t usually my first choice of colors but for some reason when it comes to eyeliner it is the first one I go for, maybe because it’s statement enough without being over-the-top like purple. 
First up is the Revlon PhotoReady Kajal Intense Eye Liner + Brightener. This dual ended liner will help you create an intense line, but also brighten your eyes to make sure they pop. The blue pencil will give you a bold intense look while the light white can be placed in the corner to give your eyes added dimension. The creamy formula allows for an effortless application and smooth lines. 
The next blue liner on my list is the Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner, which comes in black, brown, brown with shimmer, green, navy, nude, prune, and smoke grey (with a blue tint). The color on the top of my list is definitely the navy, but I also really like the grey. Now navy is a color I never wear, but I love the idea of it for a liner because it gives you the edge you’re looking for but with a more subtle approach than the bright blue. My absolute favorite part about this liner is the self sharpener. Nothing is more annoying than having to sharpen an eyeliner and having it break in those cheap sharpeners. With this pencil, simply twist off the cap and it automatically sharpens itself. This insures an exact line every time. 

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