Fall makeup trend: red hot lips

Nothing screams confident, sexy and bold better than a woman sporting red lipstick. Thankfully, vampy pouts are coming back with a vengeance for fall. Seen on gorgeous celebs like Jessica Alba, Jennie Garth and Kim Kardashian, the key to looking chic and elegant with bold crimson lips is to keep the rest of your face clean and simple. Mascara and light liner is all you need to complete your confident look. 
red lips-1.jpg
red lips-2.jpg
If the idea of going out with scarlet lips leaves you running for the nude-mouthed hills, don’t fear. Follow our five quick tips to maximize your crimson pout. 

1. Red lipstick has a knack for creeping out of the lines. Keep it in place by priming the outer edges of your mouth with concealer. 
2. If the shade of red you purchased looked great in the store, but didn’t quite live up to your expectations at home, don’t run out to return it. Add a gold-toned gloss to tone it down, or add a light pink gloss to cool down the hue. 
3. Red lips may be sexy, but red teeth certainly are not. Always finish off an application by popping your index finger in your mouth, lightly pressing down your lips, and slowly pulling it out. 
4. Such a bold color must be applied precisely, so take special care when putting on your lipstick. A small lip brush works well for this. 
5. We’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again. Keep the rest of your face simple to put your best, sexy face forward. 

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