Fragrance primers: The beauty product you never realized you needed


One of the first things you learn in makeup school is the importance of primer. It is single-handedly responsible for make sure your makeup stays intact and looking fresh throughout the day, but I never though about why other beauty products don’t have a priming step before application. Makeup really is the only category that utilizes a primer: there is one for foundation, one for lipstick and even one for eyeshadow, and they all work wonders. The newest subcategory to introduce a primer is fragrances. 

The Canvas & Concrete Fragrance Primer ($19.50) is formulated to ensure your scent lasts longer and stays true to the scent the designer originally created. Having this barrier, so to speak, in between your skin and the fragrance allows for less absorption into your body, which in turns keeps the scent from fading. The primer prevents your pH and body odor from blending with the fragrance and keeps it on the surface, where it’s meant to be. An added bonus: by ensuring the fragrance will stay on the surface means you’ll need less perfume, which means you won’t run out as quickly. Win-win!

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