Fragrant and fresh: Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oil

Summer can be taxing on your hair, your makeup and your smell … all the sweat and grime can strip away any fragrance you put on and leave you smelling less than fresh. That’s where Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oil comes in — they’ve blended pure essential oils with hydrating sweet almond oil for a fragrant oil that’s practically guaranteed to last. I adore the various scents it comes in, Coconut Vanilla is my current signature fave. And like all fragrance oils it applies super easily and isn’t ever overpowering but instead absorbs nicely into your skin leaving a nice fragrant trail. And almost 12 hours after applying I can still smell its trace on my skin … even in the middle of summer!
You can buy Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oils for $25 at

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