Frederic Fekkai Coiff Celebration of Style Set

frederic fekkai coiff celebration of style set.jpg


Celebrate the new year by resolving to take chances with your hairstyles each day! Since a new year is a fresh start, it makes sense to make changes that will not only make us feel better, but help us look better as well. A new, healthier diet and exercise routine are typical, but still great, roads to head down. However, we feel that doing something good for ourselves in the beauty department can also help give just the right amount of “boost” to go out into the world with confidence!




Fekkai COIFF Celebration of Style set wraps up best-selling tress essentials and special Frederic Fekkai pro tips. Each product contains the key ingredients you need to create straight, tousled, or curly looks for any occasion, and one key product is included from each of COIFF’s styling segments (Pre-Style, Style, and Finish). Whatever your mood, these products help make the mane to match!

This set includes 1.5 oz Anti-Frizz Creme, 1.5 oz Ironless Straightening Balm, 1.0 oz Finishing Creme, and a special insert with step-by-step instructions for creating three signature Frederic Fekkai looks. Happy New Year! $20,

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