Get charged with stylish nails inspired by ‘Muppets Most Wanted’

Muppets Mega Moles Nail Art

OPI Muppets Most Wanted Nail Lacquers: Mega Moles Nail Art by Chalkboard Nails for OPI

OPI has a new line of colors they created especially for the new Muppets Most Wanted movie that are certainly worth of sporting this spring. The eight new colors range from a bright bold sapphire (Miss Piggy’s Big Number) to a demure nude (Chillin’ Like a Villain) — but it’s the nail art potential that has me a tad bit excited. Chalkboard Nails for OPI designed some pretty cool nail art options that work with the new colors, and my favorite is called Mega Moles.

Here’s the step-by-step how to from Chalkboard Nails for OPI:
1.  Start with a dry “Chillin’ Like a Villain” mani
2.  Outline circles of “Kermit Me to Speak” with a thin nail art brush
3.  Fill in the circles & let dry
4.  Finish with top coat

To see other Muppet-style nail art options, or just the color themselves, check out OPIs Muppets Most Wanted board on pinterest.

You can buy OPI Muppets Most Wanted Nail Lacquers for $9 each at

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