Get glowing with Illamasqua Illuminator

Illamasqua Illuminator is a mulitipurpose highlighter with intense color that highlights and enhances wherever it’s applied. You can use it on cheek bones or on any other part of your body where you want to draw attention.

article-1238047-07B14041000005DC-799_468x100.jpgThe range includes: Fondle– a hot pink with gold shimmer (similar to NARS Orgasm) Glimmer– a warm golden tan, Halcyon – an ivory pearl, Odyssey – a white pearl, and Poised – a cool candy pink.

We tried it in Odyssey, and it gave us a perfect pearl glow, almost as if we were glowing from within. It goes on wet but dries quickly, leaving a high-shine, reflective
finish that lasts all night, and applies easily with fingers, brush, or sponge. (Be sure to blend quickly, as this does dry lightning fast!)

Verdict? We’re in love, and will be rushing to Sephora to try all the other shades!

$18, at Sephora.

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