Get Lea Michele's red carpet hair using only drugstore products


Lea Michele continues to impress us with her glossy loose waves on the red carpet. To get her look from Sunday’s SAG awards, we consulted Dove celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend who gave Lea her modern waves for the big night. “I went to Lea’s dress fitting and immediately knew I had to complement it with a modern take on 70s chic glamour. I drew a lot of inspiration from photos of Bianca Jagger,” said Mark.

The best part about Lea’s hair? It’s an easy look to try at home using the same hair care products Mark used – all found at your local drugstore.

Here’s how to get Lea Michele’s look:

  • “I started with clean, just washed hair for this look. Then I added in a drop of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Serum. The oil blend in this line – with coconut and almond oils – absorbs into the hair instantly to nourish and smooth dry hair. As soon as I put in the serum I was immediately able to apply another styling product.”

  • “To add a bit of texture and volume, rake a pump of Dove Body & Lift Mousse throughout damp hair and blow dry five-inch sections quickly with a round brush.”

  • “Wrap two to three inch sections of hair around a one inch curling iron, away from the face to create big flowing waves as opposed to curls.”

  • “While curling, I made sure to alternate the time I held each curl in the iron. The longer you apply heat, the sharper the curl. I alternated the curl time between 2 and 10 seconds to create different shapes throughout the hair that wouldn’t fold together.”

  • “I wanted to purposely create the fluff at the top of her head, so I had Lea flip her hair upside down. I rubbed a pea-size amount of the new Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Smoothing Cream between my hands, and then I raked it through the hair from the bottom up to eliminate flyaways and create shine and texture without compromising the waves throughout the hair.”

  • “To finish Lea’s look I sprayed Dove Unscented Extra Hold Hairspray with Natural Movement (Aerosol) throughout the hair to make sure the style stays in place, but still has lots of movement. Lea jokes about how much of this I use!”

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