Get scruffy: The Body Shop Lip Scruff

The-Body-Shop-Lip-Scruff.jpgWant to soften and smooth those chapped lips? Then you’d better slick on The Body Shop Lip Scruff.

The unassuming little tube is filled with a speckled green treatment that, once swept across the pout, immediately conditions and smooths even the roughest of lips. It moisturizes as well as any lip balm, while the exfoliating particles really bring an extra layer of softness.

We love putting this on before bed, usually under a lip balm or shea butter product for extra conditioning. And, lo and behold, it’s still on our lips eight hours later when we wake up!

And an added bonus? It tastes and smells amazingly minty — such a fresh end to the day.

The Body Shop Lip Scruff retails for $12 at

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