Get snuggly with Bath and Body Works' Cozy Autumn Vanilla


I am a grown adult, I promise, but I never quite outgrew my fascination with Bath and Body Works’ fragrance mists — Specifically their limited edition Vanilla Bean Noel scent. But seeing as how that scent is only available for several months I’m left to come up with alternatives the rest of the year. I have an allergy to floral scents and I think there’s something yummy about smelling like a bakery … so I tend to go for vanilla scents in general. So imagine my excitement when B&BW came out with a Cozy Autumn Vanilla. It smells like a spicy, caramel version of their classic Warm Vanilla Sugar and I adore it already.

Cozy Autumn Vanilla Fragrance Mist, Shower Gel, Body Lotion and more are all available on

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