Get swept up: Copy Katy Perry's star style

katy-perry-amas-hairstyle-112311.jpgThe holidays are around the corner, and for many this means a time of high glamour and sophisticated parties. Just this past week at the American Music Awards, Katy Perry hit the red carpet and delivered some amazing hair-spiration! If your immediate reaction is to the pink hue of her hair, I suggest you look deeper … check out the french twist style and the ornate accessory, it’s truly a sight to behold. Updos are truly glamourous because they accentuate and elongate the neck and allow you to show off your neck and ear jewelry more prominently.

Fekkai Celebrity Stylist Renato Campora, crafted this updo and shared his “secret sauce” (one hint: it’s in the products). Renato began by applying Fekkai Coiff Bouffant Lifting & Texturizing Spray Gel to wet hair in order to give it a firm base. He then blow-dried the hair while brushing it through with a flat brush. He used a one-inch curling iron throughout the hair to create body while giving it a sturdy foundation. Renato then heavily teased the hair. To create the final up-do, he pushed the front of the hair forward and wrapped the rest into a French twist, securing it with hairpins. To complete the look, Renato added an accessory made by Vivienne Westwood by weaving it into the hair with his fingers. He secured the look by spraying the hair with Fekkai Coiff Sheer Hold Hairspray.
So there you have it, a great hairstyle idea for whatever your holiday plans might involve. 

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