Get your shine on with these two great hair products

It’s easy for your hair to become dry and dull looking, which is something no girl wants. I’ve done a little digging and found two responsibly-priced hair products that will give you all the shine and glam you want.

The first one is Not Your Mother’s Rise & Shine Silky Smooth Shine Mist, I know the name is a little long, but definitely something you will remember. This alcohol free (which is definitely something to look for in a product because the alcohol will continue to dry out your hair) salon formula will leave your hair healthy and shiny, getting you ready for any day or night. 

The second, which is my favorite of the two, is the Giovanni Organic Hair Care Shine of the Times Finishing Hair Mist. A silicone finishing mist that will give your hair a glossy smooth surface with extra healthy shine. Unlike other products that shouldn’t be used throughout the day because they may give your hair a greasy look, this product encourages continued use in order to keep your shine fresh and everlasting. Simply reapply, brush and style!

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