Gisele launches eco friendly skincare line

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen has launched
a new natural, eco-friendly skincare line called Sejaa Pure Skincare. The
line promises to use “thoughtful” packaging and
recycled paper; whole plant extracts and 100% natural ingredients.

25588_356705609508_322368494508_3395181_3094434_n.jpgThe range includes a
free radical fighting day cream ($70), restorative night cream ($70), and a detoxifying mud mask ($56), which can be purchased
individually or as a kit ($130).

Bündchen told Vogue magazine that she decided to develop the skincare line after a humbling experience working with abused girls and women. “I wanted to teach girls to love
themselves and take care of their bodies,” she says, “I have made the
simplest, purest cream – an everyday cream – but it comes with an
affirmation. I want to help myself in any way I can to be more
conscious, more present, more aware, more happy. And if my philosophy or
products can help to make others happy, then I’ve been successful.”

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to admire Gisele!

Available at Sejaa Pure Skincare.


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