Glow on: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Clarins-Beauty-Flash-Balm.jpgLooking for a way to perk up your sallow, tired skin? Well, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is the answer.

This miracle product makes even the dullest skin look fresh, rejuvenated and totally glowy. We’ve worn it when we had 9 hours of sleep and when we only had 4 and a half, and either way, our skin looked amazing! It’s especially perfect for dark under-eye circles and cheeks that need a little extra something special.

The balm smells amazing and feels fantastic upon the skin. It’s rich and creamy but sinks into skin immediately, just leaving behind a freshened up glow and super softness in its wake. Best of all, you only need about a dime-sized amount for your entire face.

And did we mention it makes your skin glow?

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm retails for $45 at

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