Go for the gold: Chanel Gold Fingers Le Vernis Nail Colour

Chanel-Gold-Fingers-Le-Vernis-Nail-Lacquer.jpgAh, Chanel. We’re fairly certain they can do no wrong when it comes to nail polish. Time and time again, they produce colors that are gorgeous and bold yet extremely wearable. And, as one might expect, they’ve done it once more with Gold Fingers Le Vernis Nail Colour.

We have to admit, when we first saw this polish in the bottle, we were skeptical of how it would apply. We thought it would be on the grittier, thinner glitter side of the nail polish spectrum. But oh, how wrong we were–and how happy we were to be wrong! One coat yields slick, sleek, totally even color that’s the shade and consistency of rich molten gold.

We also love the amount of sparkle packed into the formula. As if the color itself weren’t gold enough, it’s layered with a large number of gold sparkles to really stand out in the crowd.

This nail polish is part of Chanel’s limited-edition Las Vegas de Chanel collection. It retails for $28 at chanel.com.

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