Go for the gold: Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me Top Coat

Sephora-By-OPI-Only-Gold-For-Me-Top-Coat.jpgNormally, I’m not a fan of chunky glitter nail polish. I don’t like the gritty texture of it upon my nails, or how difficult it is to remove. But in the case of Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me Top Coat, it’s impossible not to make an exception.

Not only does this nail polish sparkle equally as bright in the sun as in a darkened room, but its ability to overwhelm knows no bounds. It sparkles, it glistens, it glitters … in other words, it demands attention.

Plus, it works well on its own or layered over other colors. I’ve tried it over black, over nude, even over a shimmery gold, and it just keeps on looking amazing! I’ve discussed this top coat’s merits with manicurists and nail polish obsessed friends alike, and we all agree–it’s a keeper.

And, at the end of the day, it’s not too painfully hard to take off. Who knew?

Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me Top Coat retails for $9.50 at sephora.com.

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