Hair trend: ombre highlights

Stars everywhere have been embracing a new trend in haircolor: Ombre highlights…darker haircolor and roots offset by painted on, sunkissed ends. Ombre is not a new technique, but the abundance of stars sporting them lately had brought new focus to the trend.

Most recently, fashion and beauty insiders went gaga when Jessica Biel debuted perfectly placed ombre streaks at the A-Team premiere in Madrid this week. Lauren Conrad, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, and Rachel Bilson have all embraced the trend, and Sarah Jessica Parker famously wore it as her alter-ego Carrie Bradshaw on Sex & The City.

ddfd7c4352981a06_Untitled-1.jpgThe highlights are easier on your wallet, since they are supereasy to maintain (roots are encouraged), and depending on the variation of colors you choose the effect can be either subtle or intense…it’s totally up to you!

Super chic, and less upkeep? Sign us up. We officially love this look!

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