Haircare tips for keeping your exercise resolution


A large majority of people set working out as a New Year’s resolution. As great as exercising is for the body, it can wreak havoc on your hair. The trick is in how you treat your hair during, and after your workouts, here are some simple things to remember.   

A high ponytail is the best way to keep your hair off your neck, keeping you cooler and keeping it away from sweat and grime that can cause damage.  

Try not to wrap ponytail holders so tight that they choke your hair, they should be secure enough to stay in place but not so tight that your hair is pulled from the root.  

If your ponytail needs to be “tightened” remove the holder and start over. Tugging on strands to tighten will cause stress at the point of the holder.  

Use a sweatband or wrap right where your hairline meets your scalp, this helps protect your hair from sweat and keeps it fresh. I hear lots of people raving about the stylish sweatbands (as seen in the picture above) over at

Try out hair powders or freshening sprays in place of washing your hair every day. For many of us, washing our hair every day is not recommended, so this will help prolong your last shampoo session. Bumble and bumble makes a great hair powder, that you can get at

Just keep in mind that the benefits of working out far outweigh the negatives it can have on hair, especially if you minimize them as best you can. 

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