Have a painful sunburn? Try these 2 cooling gels!

After-Sun-Cooling-Gels.jpgYou know what we hate? Putting on sunscreen (on both our face and our body), and still coming home with a sunburn. It’s just no fun, and it’s super painful … not to mention annoying when we try so hard to protect our skin! Luckily, these two cooling gels really work to make our skin feel soothed even when we’re in extreme agony.

First Aid Beauty Aloe Plus Soothing Gel
Aloe combines with acai and borage seed oil in this cream-gel to cool inflamed skin almost immediately. We’ve even worn it when we weren’t sunburned, just because it makes our skin feel so good! Plus, unlike most cooling gels we’ve come across, this one is unscented, so if you have a problem with scents, this one is perfect for you.
$20 at firstaidbeauty.com

Mario Badescu After Sun Cooling Gel
Like the First Aid Beauty gel, this is enriched with aloe to cool your skin. And we have to say, it works on impact! The scent is slightly medicinal, thanks to the addition of menthol, but somehow calming and feminine at the same time since it’s formulated with rosewater. Plus, the pink gel is non-greasy and sinks into skin immediately, so it doesn’t feel greasy or wet.
$14 at mariobadescu.com

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