Heidi Klum to launch signature fragrance


For some reason, the news this past week that Heidi Klum would be launching her own signature scent took us a little by surprise. We can’t really put on finger on why, but maybe it’s simply because we didn’t see it coming. 
Previously working with Victoria’s Secret on a cosmetic line, and with New Balance for a fashion forward loungewear line, Ms. Klum is clearly no stranger to working with big named companies to launch products with her signature on it. 
She will be working for Coty, Inc. (they own beauty brands such as Chloe, Chopard, Marc Jacobs and tons of other celeb fragrance lines), and launching her scent – named Heidi Klum Shine – in September of this year. 
From the press release, Heidi says, “I am thrilled to be partnering with Coty on my new fragrance. Working for a long time on developing a signature scent and watching it finally come to life is so exciting. I never thought my nose would recover from sniffing so many scent combinations, but it is all worth it. I want my fragrance to be truly special and head-turning so that people ask the woman who’s wearing it ‘What are you wearing? You smell delicious’.”

Though we don’t normally get too excited for star-endorsed and developed scents, we’re kind of curious what Shine will smell like – sexy and sultry, perhaps? We look forward to seeing…err, smelling, in September. 
Do you get excited about celebrity-developed scents, or do you place your trust in your designer favorites? 

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