Hello, holidays: Philosophy The Gingerbread Girl

Philosophy-The-Gingerbread-Girl.jpgThere’s nothing we love more than a shower gel that makes us embrace the holiday season. And one of our faves? Most definitely Philosophy The Gingerbread Girl.

We love the gingerbread scent with just a touch of spice. We love the gorgeous shimmery bottle (and the fact that it doesn’t make us look like a preteen with glitter everywhere). We love how soft and smooth our skin feels, especially when winter tries so hard to dry it out.

No matter how many shower gels find their way into our bathtub, this one gets special privileges during the holiday season. And best of all, this shower gel triples as a bubble bath and shampoo!

Philosophy The Gingerbread Girl retails for $16 at lordandtaylor.com.

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