Hit or miss: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's new hair


Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is not necessarily a stranger to changing up her look, and changing it often. She’s gone from blonde, to black, to red, to ombre (as we mentioned here) and now back to blonde, and super short. 
Her platinum pixie cut with lengthy sweeping bangs is certainly a departure from her super long gradient locks she was rocking as of late. Her hubby, Pete Wentz tweeted earlier this week: “Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (@ashsimpsonwentz) new blonde haircut is cute.”  Cute, indeed!
We think the key to her fun, sassy and still young look is the color and the style. Keeping her bangs super long and side-swept give the cut a fun and fearless quality, while the golden blonde leaves her looking fresh and vibrant. 
Now, we’ve told you how we feel about Ashlee’s new coif. We think it’s super precious. What do you think about Ashlee’s hair? Would you chop off your locks and drastically change the color? Leave a comment and chime in! 

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