Hourglass Prodigy Lip Gloss

hourglassprodigy.jpgHourglass Cosmetics’ new Prodigy Lip Gloss has garnered quite a bit of press lately, we had to try it for our selves and see what all the fuss was about. Its streamlined packaging puts it five steps ahead of your everyday lip gloss — anything that slides seamless into our back pocket is a winner with us! — but its moisturizing and non-tacky characteristics make it even more appealing. It really lives up to it’s ultra-hydrating selling point and it’s not sticky at all like many glosses tend to be. The color fades and we wished it lasted a bit longer, but that wouldn’t discourage us from buying another bottle — it’s THAT chic. We’re fans of  ‘Surreal’ and ‘Eden’. Sephora, $26

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