How sweet! Dessert-inspired beauty products

Dessert-Beauty-Products-Image.jpgWe’re trying not to eat very many sweets as of late … so, naturally, we took the sweet idea of dessert into our beauty routine! There are tons of beauty products out there that are inspired by cookies, cakes and everything deliciously sweet. Here are a few of our favorites.

Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Honey Bath
The sweetest, most delectable bubble bath around? Definitely this tub, filled with a thick honey-like substance that fills your entire bath with sweet-scented bubbles in just a few cupfuls.
$40 at

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake 3-in-1
Body wash! Shampoo! Bubble bath! This bottle does it all. And, as an added bonus, there’s a recipe for vanilla cake written right on the front!
$16 at

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish
Sugary sweet goodness comes in the form of this body scrub, which turns skin into buttery softness immediately upon contact.
$65 at

Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies 14.5Oz. Filled Candle
If ever you needed a reminder of Grandma’s kitchen, this three-wick candle is most certainly it.
$19.50 at

Lush Gingerman Bath Bomb
As if this bath bomb didn’t smell decadent enough … it’s so adorable, we can barely stand to actually use it!
$6.95 at

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